DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-S Advanced hair loss treatment

DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-S Advanced hair loss treatment

DS.Laboratories Spectral.DNC-S is the next evolutionary step when it comes to helping your hair stay thick and healthy in appearance. This minoxidil free solution delivers exceptional hair recovery benefits for both men and women using several natural ingredients that have been closely linked to helping to induce regrowth.


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It’s arguably the most advanced hair loss product yet for men and women. Spectral.DNC-S combines top-notch botanicals with a proprietary delivery system, which makes it easily one of the best potential solutions for moderate to severely thinning hair. This formula has really taken science to the next level to be able to produce results that are usually visible from just 3 months.

Key properties such as stem cells, apple polyphenol, aminexil and copper-peptides, amongst others, are trialled, tested and considerably researched before being included in the Spectral.DNC-S formula. They work in complementary ways to help you achieve a healthier scalp and thicker hair appearances easily and conveniently


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