Martiderm Liposomes 30x2ml Ampules

Martiderm Liposomes 30x2ml Ampules

Anti-aging hydra oil-free.
Liposomas Ampoules are specifically recommended for mixed/oily and sensitive skin, with a fresh, light texture that feels pleasant for this skin type, with no oily sensation.


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MartinDerm Liposomas balances anti-oxidant active muscle. Its main ingredient is proteoglycan (also known as soy protein, first as a protein, itself has a certain moisturizing effect, in addition, soy protein contains various antioxidant vitamins, can prevent subcutaneous tissue, reduce light Injury-induced inflammation state) VC+VE (in which VC uses lipocalin VC with better absorption) also contains witch hazel extract. His main efficacy is anti-aging, anti-oxygen, talk of stains and anti-inflammatory acne. This essence is suitable for oily skin and has acne effect.


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